Best Environmental Practices

for the Marine Industry

September 24-25, 2012

Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore

The development of modern society is dependent on the sea. The coastal and marine environment supports transportation, energy production, fisheries and recreation, while at the same time acting as the ultimate receptor for almost all human activities. Rapid economic growth has accordingly increased stress on the marine environment. Sustainable growth is strongly associated with our ability to utilise the marine resources without compromising the overall environmental quality.

This is reflected in increased demands on the design of ports, vessels and offshore structures. These must be developed to ensure both human and environmental safety as well as a low risk for the invested capital. Overcautious design potentially leads to increased construction costs and larger environmental impacts, while under-design might result in elevated maintenance costs and compromised safety.

Over the past decades, technologies and methods have been developed to help the marine industry avoiding the pit-falls of the past. Experience shows that optimal facilities are those that take environmental effects into account already in the early planning phase. Yet, the ongoing development and resulting conflicts and competition for space, not least for recreation and food supply, urgently call for a further optimisation of the current concepts. Only then can we set new standards for sustainable future development.

The purpose of this conference is to present and discuss planning and operational tools and methods required to work with nature and develop more sustainable solutions for the maritime industry. We will set a specific focus on best practice experience as well as the methods developed to aid such projects. Open discussions will target the limitations of present methods and assumptions and work out where revisions of the standard practices are needed.

Key Dates

Contribution Deadline September 14, 2012
Registration Deadline September 20, 2012
Conference September 24-25, 2012

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